It's so Fun

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Hooray for capes!

This is what the majority of my orders have been this holiday season and honestly, they are so fun and easy to make that I have been having a lot of fun with it. It's nice to switch things up a bit.

I have a few new favorites that I'll be putting up over the next few days. The colors are so invigorating.

My girls want to try each new one on as soon as it is finished. Sure makes it nice for pictures.




I'm sorry.

I admit that I've been completely neglecting this blog. Forgive me if anyone is still (trying) to read it.

This is the deal. I'm going to be starting nursing school in January. Yay for me! I usually am one to just pile it on. Try and do everything. Make it happen. Make it work. But not this time. Come January, something is going to have to give.

It can't be my kiddos, gratefully they are here to stay, it can't be my faith (church), and it can't be my man. So, that leaves PoppySeeds, which incidentally, takes up quite a bit of my time.

I have quite a bit of pre-made tees that didn't sell through at the last show I did. These will be discounted and sold through my shop. I'm going to keep things going until Christmas, so if you have had your eye on anything it'd probably be best to get it ordered now.

I know. Wipe a tear. Sniff. Sniff.

I will continue blogging here about my projects and latest creations. I'll still have to have some sort of creative outlet while up to my ears in textbooks. It's a lot easier to be creative when there is little pressure. Who knows though, if things go smoothly and I turn out to be a nursing genius then I'll be back to my stitching.

Go get your shop on!


See Me Saturday


I'm stitching like crazy getting ready for the Hissyfits Craft Fair this Saturday.
If you are in AZ you should swing by. It won't disappoint, or at least it didn't last year, then again, there was that lady with the crazy painted gourds.


Want Sleeves?

It's getting chilly!


I'm sure that you are all wanting sleeves. Well, here is the problem. I really can't redo all of my prototypes and take new photos on long sleeved tees for new listings. It's not going to happen and I need to charge more for the long sleeved tees so I can't just change my listings. What to do?

For now, I'm just going to have you convo me and I'll make a long sleeved listing for you.

Will that work?


Because, trust me, the sleeves are pretty darn cute.


Not to Late

I was cruising through Halooween-ie items on Etsy today.

I found a lot of wonderful things.

Man, I love this holiday.

Witch's Brew Handpoured Soy Candle 8 oz Mason Jar

Isn't this candle totally spooky? I love that it is in a vintage Mason Jar. Looks pretty authentic, right?

Ribbons and Bows Organic Cotton Hat - Halloween

Isn't this sweet hat to die for?

Halloween Wreath Swirling Ghosts

I'm not one for wreaths. I typically think that they are pretty cheesy and generic, however this one it different, don't you think? I could do a wreath like this.

Cat Fancy Cafe Wrap Apron

The apron is probably my favorite. Perfect for making those tricker-y (as my daughter would say) treats.


To Market to Market


Have you checked out the Poppytalk Handmade Market yet?

Well you should. And you should also be prepared to be blown away by the great handmade items there.

Here are a few of my favorites:

(click photos)

Now, go get your shop on!